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Solid Ink
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Single Color
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Single Color
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Single Color
Mike Demasi
Boris from Hungary
Japanese Series
Color Set
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Single Color
Color Set

Single Color
George Galindo series
Darkside series
Kirt Silver Series
Living Dead Series
Payne Portrait Series
Color Set

Single Color
Color Set

Single Color
Color Set

Kuro Sumi
Single Color
Color Set

Single Color

FK Irons
Machine Parts
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Spectra Rotary
Machines Bodies
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Primus Rotary
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Primus One
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Jet & Jet Power
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Beast & Beast V2
Hyper V3
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Bishop Rotary
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Sol Terra
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Hawk Spirit
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Micky Sharpz
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Diau-An Taiwan
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My Tattoo Supply Needles
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Round Magnum RM
Bugpins No.08 Std Magnum M1
Bugpins No. 08 Rnd Magnum RM
Bugpins No. 10 Std Magnum M1
Hollow Round Liner

Cheyenne Needle Cartriges
Cheyenne Liner
Cheyenne Shader
Cheyenne Magnum
Cheyenne Magnum SoftEdge

Helios Needle Cartridges
Curved Magnum CM
Magnum M1
Bugpin Magnum M1
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Round Shader RS

Elite Needle Cartridges
Round Liner RL
Magnum M1
Curved Magnum CM
Round Shader RS
Cartridge Grips
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Elite Evo Needle Cartridges
Round Liner RL
Magnum M1
Curved Magnum CMM
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WJX Needle Cartridges
WJX Round Liner
WJX Round Shader
WJX Magnum
WJX Round Magnum

J&J Needle Cartridges
Round Liner RL
Round Shader RS
Round Magnum RM
Magnum M1

KT Needle Cartridges
Round Liner RL
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Magnum MGM
Curved Magnum CMM

EZY Tattoo Cartridge
Round Liner RL
Round Shader RS
Open Magnum M1
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Other Supplies

Eternal Gray

Eternal Lining Black

Eternal Triple Black

Eternal Big Meas Lining Black

Eternal Maxx Black

Eternal Blue Concentrate

Eternal Dark Cobalt

Eternal Peacock Blue

Eternal Periwinkle

Eternal Sky Blue

Eternal True Blue

Eternal Bermuda Blue

Eternal Brown

Eternal Caramel

Eternal Dark Brown

Eternal Flesh Tone

Eternal Ochre

Eternal Plum

Eternal Mudslide

Eternal Avocado

Eternal Green Concentrate

Eternal Graffiti Green

Eternal Grass Green

Eternal Jungle Green

Eternal Lime Green

Eternal Mint Green

Eternal Nuclear Green

Eternal Olive Green

Eternal Spearmint

Eternal Turquoise

Eternal Turquoise Conc.

Eternal Bright Orange

Eternal Georgia Peach

Eternal Orange

Eternal Tangerine

Eternal Dusty Rose

Eternal Hot Pink

Eternal Pink

Eternal Dark Purple

Eternal Lavender

Eternal Light Purple

Eternal Purple Concentrate

Eternal Wild Orchid

Eternal Crimson Red

Eternal Dark Red

Eternal Deep Red

Eternal Light Magenta

Eternal Light Red

Eternal Lipstick Red

Eternal Magenta

Eternal Ruby Red

Eternal White

Eternal White Knight

Eternal Bright Yellow

Eternal Golden Yellow

Eternal Lightning Yellow

Eternal Sunflower

Eternal Bumble Bee

Eternal Cocoa Bean

Eternal Cotton Candy

Eternal Dark Ochre

Eternal Honey Dew

Eternal Robin Egg

Eternal Seafoam

Eternal Smoke

Eternal Tropical Teal

Eternal True Gold

Eternal Solid Gold

Eternal Ivory

Eternal Light Gray Wash

Eternal Medium Gray Wash

Eternal Dark Gray Wash

Eternal Darker Gray Wash

Eternal Darkest Gray Wash

Eternal Red Violet

Eternal Fuchsia

Eternal Antique Fuchsia

Eternal Mulberry

Eternal Electric Rasperry

Eternal Pepto Pink

Eternal Imperial Violet

Eternal Jade

Eternal Forest

Eternal Shamrock

Eternal Granny Smith Green

Eternal Sage

Eternal Rich Turquoise

Eternal Off White

Eternal Warm Light Gray

Eternal Warm Medium Gray

Eternal Warm Dark Gray

Eternal Rich Medium Flesh

Eternal Rich Dark Flesh

Eternal Cool Light Gray

Eternal Cool Medium Gray

Eternal Cool Dark Gray

Eternal Perfect Black

Eternal Perfect White

Eternal Almond

Eternal Apricot Burst

Eternal Aubergine

Eternal Bisque

Eternal Enchanted Lilac

Eternal Light Peach

Eternal Nude Blush

Eternal Orange Creamsickle

Eternal Papaya

Eternal Rich Espresso

Eternal Rose Satin

Eternal Rust

Eternal Sable

Eternal Sea Shell

Eternal Spice

Eternal Wine Berry

Eternal New 12 Color Sample Set

Eternal Top 25 Color Set

Eternal Silver 50 Color Set

Eternal Gold 60 Color Set

Eternal Gray Wash Set 3 shades

Eternal Gray Wash Set 5 shades

Eternal Liz Cook Series

Eternal Jess Yen Set

Eternal Portrait Skin Tone Set

Eternal Muted Earth Tones Set

Eternal Zombie Color Set

Eternal Ink Travel Set

Eternal M Series by Mike Devries & Mario Rosenau

Eternal Marshall Bennett Signature Gray Wash Set

Eternal Chukes' Seasonal Spectrum

Eternal Mike Chambers Signature Set

Eternal Halo Fifth Dimension Set

Eternal Motor City Set Set

Eternal 4 X Neutral Gray Set

Eternal Rich Pineda Flesh to Death Set

Eternal Andrea Afferni Portrait Set

Eternal Rember Signature Set

Eternal The Concentrates set

Eternal Keep-It-Wet

Eternal Redemption Tattoo Aftercare

Solid Ink Cool Grey

Solid Ink Lining Black

Solid Ink Matte Black

Solid Ink Silver

Solid Ink Smoke

Solid Ink Fig

Solid Ink Agave

Solid Ink Baby Blue

Solid Ink Boca Blue

Solid Ink Cancun Blue

Solid Ink Dark Blue

Solid Ink Miami Blue

Solid Ink Nice Blue

Solid Ink Petroleum

Solid Ink Sky Blue

Solid Ink Teal

Solid Ink Ultramarine

Solid Ink Blue Hawaii

Solid Ink Brown

Solid Ink Chocolate

Solid Ink Dulce De Leche

Solid Ink Flesh

Solid Ink Ochre

Solid Ink Toupe

Solid Ink Mustard

Solid Ink Anonymous

Solid Ink Dark Green

Solid Ink Dragon

Solid Ink Light Green

Solid Ink Lime Green

Solid Ink Medium Green

Solid Ink Mint Green

Solid Ink Mold

Solid Ink Neon

Solid Ink Olive

Solid Ink Turquoise

Solid Ink Yerba

Solid Ink Burnt Orange

Solid Ink Coral

Solid Ink Cream Orange

Solid Ink Orange

Solid Ink Peach Orange

Solid Ink Tiger

Solid Ink Salmon

Solid Ink Bubblegum

Solid Ink Fuchsia

Solid Ink Lollipop

Solid Ink Pink

Solid Ink Rose

Solid Ink Old Rose

Solid Ink Grape

Solid Ink Lavender

Solid Ink Lilac

Solid Ink Purple

Solid Ink Violet

Solid Ink Blood

Solid Ink Bordeaux

Solid Ink Burgundy

Solid Ink Deep Red

Solid Ink Diablo

Solid Ink Magenta

Solid Ink Red

Solid Ink Super Red

Solid Ink Watermelon

Solid Ink Dark Blood

Solid Ink White

Solid Ink Banana

Solid Ink El Dorado Yellow

Solid Ink Sunshine

Solid Ink Yellow

Solid Ink Dolphin

Solid Ink Pastel Blue

Solid Ink Vanilla

Solid Ink Orchid

Solid Ink Cadillac Pink

Solid Ink 12 Color Mini Travel Set

Solid Ink 12 Color Spectrum Set

Solid Ink 25 Color Fundamental Set

Solid Ink 60 Color Mega Set

Solid Ink Black Label Graywash set

Solid Ink Chris Garver 12 Color set

Solid Ink Art Deco set (12'S)

Solid Ink The Mixer

Nocturnal Super Black

Nocturnal Lining & Shading Black

Nocturnal Gray Wash Dark

Nocturnal Gray Wash Medium

Nocturnal Gray Wash Light

Nocturnal Shine White

Nocturnal Shading Set

Nocturnal Full 6 Color Set

Fusion Basic Black

Fusion Bomber Gray

Fusion Mauve

Fusion Power Black

Fusion Blue Sky

Fusion Cornflower

Fusion Icy Blue

Fusion Light Blue

Fusion Periwinkle

Fusion Power Blue

Fusion Royal Blue

Fusion Tahitian Teal

Fusion Burnt Sienna

Fusion Brown

Fusion Butterscotch

Fusion Dark Flesh

Fusion Foundation Flesh

Fusion Hot Mustard

Fusion Light Flesh

Fusion Power Brown

Fusion Raw Sienna

Fusion Yellow Ochre

Fusion Artichoke

Fusion Cool Mint

Fusion Emerald Green

Fusion Gamma Green

Fusion Hazelnut

Fusion Key Lime

Fusion Leafy Green

Fusion Moss Green

Fusion Power Green

Fusion Spring Green

Fusion Turquoise Conc.

Fusion Turquoise

Fusion Canteloupe

Fusion Mandarin Orange

Fusion Orange

Fusion Tangelo

Fusion Bubblegum Pink

Fusion Flaming Pink

Fusion Fuschia

Fusion Saigon Pink

Fusion Deep Purple

Fusion Purple Heart

Fusion Pretty Purple

Fusion Power Purple

Fusion Primrose

Fusion Wild Lavender

Fusion Brick Red

Fusion Dark Magenta

Fusion Magenta

Fusion Melon Red

Fusion Pomegranate

Fusion Really Red

Fusion True Blood Red

Fusion Mixing White

Fusion White

Fusion Atomic Yellow

Fusion Golden Yellow

Fusion Mixing Yellow

Fusion 12 Color Sample Pack

Fusion 60 Color Pack

Fusion Greywash set

Fusion Opaque Grey set

Fusion Pastel set

Fusion Flesh Tone set

Fusion Deano Cook set

Fusion Jeff Gogue set

Fusion Juan Salgado set

Fusion Mike Cole set

Fusion Nikko Hurtado set

Fusion Roman Abrego set

Fusion Rick Walters set

Intenze Lemon Yellow

Intenze Golden Yellow

Intenze Banana Cream

Intenze Golden Rod

Intenze Bright Orange

Intenze Sunburn

Intenze Soft Orange

Intenze Tangerine

Intenze Creamsicle

Intenze Hard Orange

Intenze Light Magenta

Intenze Ruby Red

Intenze Bright Red

Intenze Red Cherry

Intenze Cherry Bomb

Intenze Dark Red

Intenze True Magenta

Intenze American Rose

Intenze Lollipop

Intenze Rose Pink

Intenze Carol's Pink

Intenze Fuchsia

Intenze Peach

Intenze Pink Panther

Intenze Light Purple

Intenze Dark Purple

Intenze Lavender

Intenze Grape

Intenze Kool Aid

Intenze Blue Sky

Intenze Aquamarine

Intenze Bahama Blue

Intenze Mario's Light Blue

Intenze Baby Blue

Intenze Periwinkle

Intenze Mario's Blue

Intenze Teal

Intenze Royal Blue

Intenze Tyler Blue

Intenze Dodger Blue

Intenze Persian Blue

Intenze Seafoam Green

Intenze Lime Green

Intenze Grasshopper

Intenze Light Green

Intenze Dragon Green

Intenze Hunter Green

Intenze Dark Green

Intenze Ochre

Intenze Will's Olive

Intenze Soldier Green

Intenze Midnight Green

Intenze Sienna

Intenze Dark Brown

Intenze Flesh Pot

Intenze Light Brown

Intenze Rusty Brown

Intenze Dark Chocolate

Intenze Medium Brown

Intenze Mustard

Intenze Bamboo

Intenze Flesh

Intenze Co-Co

Intenze Milk Chocolate

Intenze Snow White Opaque

Intenze Snow White Mixing

Intenze True Black

Intenze Platinum

Intenze Silver

Intenze Black Lining

Intenze Zuper Black

Intenze Suluape Black Samoan Tribal

Intenze Formula 23 Black

Intenze Japanese Tattoo Ink - Black Sumi

Intenze Japanese Tattoo Ink - Dark Gray

Intenze Japanese Tattoo Ink - Light Gray

Intenze Yellow Orchid

Intenze Dijon

Intenze Sunset

Intenze Coral

Intenze Salmon

Intenze Black Cherry

Intenze Dirty Beige

Intenze Mocha

Intenze Chestnut

Intenze Raw Umber

Intenze Steel

Intenze Midnight

Intenze Raw Umber Light

Intenze Moss

Intenze Ginger

Intenze Olive

Intenze Swamp Green

Intenze Sand

Intenze Clay

Intenze EggShell

Intenze Bright Sunshine

Intenze Maroon Honey

Intenze Rubber Doll

Intenze Persian Red

Intenze Bulls Blood

Intenze Red Cloud

Intenze Flowerchild

Intenze Liliom

Intenze Swimming Pool

Intenze Aquarium

Intenze Kakao

Intenze Aqua

Intenze Bark Brown

Intenze In The Spring

Intenze Maroon

Intenze Sangria

Intenze Monacle

Intenze Ocean Blue

Intenze Dragon Green Dark

Intenze Dragon Green Light

Intenze Dragon Turquoise

Intenze Mario Dragon Blue Dark

Intenze Dragon Red

Intenze Dragon Yellow

Intenze Japanese Tattoo Ink Set (3 bottles set)

Intenze Japanese Tattoo Ink - Black Sumi

Intenze Japanese Tattoo Ink - Dark Gray

Intenze Japanese Tattoo Ink - Light Gray

Intenze Alex de Pase Advanced Fleshtone Series

Intenze Andy Engel Essentials Set

Intenze 10 Pastel Color Set

Intenze 19 Basic Color Set

Intenze 25 New Original Color Set

Intenze 54 All Color Set

Intenze Japanese Dragon Color Kit (6 pkt)

Intenze Japanese Tattoo Ink Set (3 bottles set)

Intenze Intenze 19 Mario Barth Gold Label Set

Intenze Intenze Series 8 Bowery Ink Set

Intenze Intenze Mike DeMasi Color Portrait Set

Intenze Bob Tyrell Advanced Black & Grey Tattoo In

Intenze Boris Custom Color set

Intenze Essential Silver Ink set

Intenze Color Lining Ink Series

Intenze Mark Mahoney Gangster Grey set

Intenze Earth Tones Color Tattoo set

Intenze Intenze Cleanze Concentrate

Intenze Intenze Color Mixing Solution

Intenze Bob Tyrell Distilled Solution

Dynamic Burgundy Red

Dynamic Fire Red

Dynamic Chinese Red

Dynamic Green

Dynamic Blue

Dynamic Orange

Dynamic White

Dynamic Canary Yellow

Dynamic Brown

Dynamic Magenta

Dynamic Violet

Dynamic Black

Dynamic Lemon Yellow

Dynamic Golden Yellow

Dynamic Wine Red

Dynamic Non-Mixing Heavy White

Dynamic SkyBlue

Dynamic Electric Blue

Dynamic Teal

Dynamic Hot Pink

Dynamic Bubble Gum

Dynamic Tropical Purple

Dynamic Lavender

Dynamic Lime Green

Dynamic Turquoise

Dynamic Leaf Green

Dynamic Bright Orange

Dynamic Light Brown

Dynamic SPK 12 Color Kit

Dynamic SPK8 12 Color Kit

Dynamic SPKB 12 Color Kit

Dynamic SPKB4 12 Color Kit

Starbrite Chocolate Brown

Starbrite Venetian Brown

Starbrite Buckskin Tan

Starbrite Dark Fleshtone

Starbrite Mid Fleshtone

Starbrite Lite Fleshtone

Starbrite Beach Beige

Starbrite Brown Sienna

Starbrite Chocolate Strawberry

Starbrite Flesh Belly

Starbrite Milk Chocolate

Starbrite Yellow Ochre

Starbrite El Paso Sand

Starbrite Light Skin Tone

Starbrite Medium Skin Tone

Starbrite Dark Skin Tone

Starbrite Vintage Brown

Starbrite Neutral Flesh

Starbrite Perfect Flesh

Starbrite Flint Brown

Starbrite Terra Cotta

Starbrite Banana Cream

Starbrite Golden Yellow

Starbrite Canary Yellow

Starbrite Butter Cream

Starbrite Dead Yellow

Starbrite Sunflower

Starbrite Yellow Glow

Starbrite Daffodil

Starbrite Gold

Starbrite Rusty Orange

Starbrite Beer Gold

Starbrite Mango

Starbrite Fire Orange

Starbrite Brite Orange

Starbrite Peachie Flesh

Starbrite Joaos Creamsicle

Starbrite Lippy Tone

Starbrite Rude Rouge

Starbrite Salmon Sushi

Starbrite Perfect Peach

Starbrite Organic Orange

Starbrite Tiger Lily

Starbrite Deep Blue

Starbrite Royal Blue

Starbrite Periwinkle

Starbrite Midnight Blue

Starbrite Country Blue

Starbrite Baby Blue

Starbrite Steel Blue

Starbrite Blue Freeze

Starbrite Teal

Starbrite Blue Violet

Starbrite Iris

Starbrite Aster Blue

Starbrite Blue Blast

Starbrite Frosty Blue

Starbrite Light Blue

Starbrite Deep Freeze

Starbrite Glazier Blue

Starbrite Deep Burgandy

Starbrite Crimson Red

Starbrite Scarlet Red

Starbrite Lite Red

Starbrite Deep Magenta

Starbrite Vampire Red

Starbrite Deep Maroon

Starbrite Rasberry

Starbrite Blood Clot

Starbrite Dryed Blood

Starbrite Aztec Red

Starbrite Mantra Magenta

Starbrite Red Wine

Starbrite Ruby Red

Starbrite Light Magenta

Starbrite Bubble Gum Pink

Starbrite Hot Pink

Starbrite Blush

Starbrite Cotton Candy

Starbrite Mexican Pink

Starbrite Citrus Cream

Starbrite Lotus Pink

Starbrite Pink Orchid

Starbrite Victorian Rose

Starbrite Flamingo Pink

Starbrite Coral Pink

Starbrite Lavender

Starbrite Purple Vein

Starbrite Deep Violet

Starbrite Deep Purple

Starbrite Purple Rain

Starbrite Midnight Purple

Starbrite Purple Purps

Starbrite Light Orchid

Starbrite Lilac

Starbrite Amethyst

Starbrite Plum

Starbrite Purple Concentrate

Starbrite Mulberry

Starbrite Royal Purple

Starbrite Grassy Green

Starbrite Lime Green

Starbrite Camouflage Green

Starbrite Leaf Green

Starbrite True Green

Starbrite Deep Green

Starbrite Deep Turquiose

Starbrite Killer Kiwi

Starbrite Zombie Puke

Starbrite Florida Moss

Starbrite Minty Green

Starbrite Radioactive Fallout

Starbrite Green Abyss

Starbrite Blitzkrieg Green

Starbrite Permafrost

Starbrite Swamp Thing

Starbrite Green Field

Starbrite Sage Green

Starbrite Fern

Starbrite Dark Moss

Starbrite Tobacco Leaf

Starbrite Army Green

Starbrite Sea Green

Starbrite Brite Green

Starbrite Olive

Starbrite Light Turquoise

Starbrite Brite White

Starbrite Mixing White

Starbrite Floral White

Starbrite Antique Bone

Starbrite Black Outliner

Starbrite Tribal Black

Starbrite Turbo Black

Starbrite Jet Black Outliner

Starbrite Battleship Gray

Starbrite Dark Clay

Starbrite Storm Cloud

Starbrite Ancient Slate

Starbrite Murky Tomb

Starbrite Fallen Sky

Starbrite Bermuda Triangle

Starbrite Shadow Grey

Starbrite Silver Magnolia

Starbrite Graphite

Starbrite Charcoal Grey

Starbrite Gorgon

Sbrite Gun Metal Blue

Sbrite Light Gorgon

Sbrite Titanium Blue

Sbrite Fools Gold

Sbrite Smoke Ember

Sbrite Abalone

Sbrite Khaki

Sbrite Peachie Cream

Sbrite Lite Cloud

Sbrite Purple Haze

Sbrite Dark Cloud

Sbrite Nautical Purple

Sbrite Spring Bud

Sbrite Sand Stone

Sbrite Rose Petal

Sbrite Sunbeam

Sbrite Misty Cloud

Starbrite El Paso Sand

Starbrite Blue Violet

Starbrite Aztec Red

Starbrite Mexican Pink

Starbrite Dead Yellow

Starbrite Light Orchid

Starbrite Light Skin Tone

Starbrite Medium Skin Tone

Starbrite Dark Skin Tone

Starbrite Citrus Cream

Starbrite Purple Vein

Starbrite Vampire Red

Starbrite Mid Fleshtone

Starbrite Dark Fleshtone

Starbrite Periwinkle

Starbrite Fire Orange

Starbrite Zombie Puke

Starbrite Hot Pink

Starbrite Blush

Starbrite Butter Cream

Starbrite Killer Kiwi

Starbrite Blue Freeze

Starbrite Cotton Candy

Starbrite Storm Cloud

Starbrite Milk Chocolate

Starbrite Flesh Belly

Starbrite Rude Rouge

Starbrite Midnight Purple

Starbrite Blood Clot

Starbrite Chocolate Brown

Starbrite Venetian Brown

Starbrite Scarlet Red

Starbrite Vampire Red

Starbrite Lite Fleshtone

Starbrite Mid Fleshtone

Starbrite Dark Fleshtone

Starbrite Zombie Puke

Starbrite Leaf Green

Starbrite Deep Green

Starbrite Tribal Black

Starbrite Purple Vein

Starbrite Beach Beige

Starbrite Salmon Sushi

Starbrite Florida Moss

Starbrite Lippy Tone

Starbrite Purple Purps

Starbrite Dryed Blood

Starbrite Minty Green

Starbrite Brown Sienna

Starbrite Joaos Creamsicle

Starbrite Chocolate Strawberry

Starbrite Starter Set

Starbrite Solar Kit

Starbrite Darkside Kit

Starbrite Kirt Silver Series

Starbrite Living Dead Kit

Starbrite Payne Portrait Set

Starbrite George Galindo Series

Mom's Millennium Nuclear Blue Smoke

Mom's Millennium Nuclear Atomic Green

Mom's Millennium Nuclear Smouldering Orange

Mom's Millennium Nuclear Radiant Pink

Mom's Millennium Nuclear Purple Haze

Mom's Millennium Nuclear Red Dawn

Mom's Millennium Nuclear Raging Magenta

Mom's Millennium Nuclear Invisible Fallout

Mom's Millennium Nuclear Afterglow Yellow

Mom's Millennium Nuclear 9 Color set (UV)

Silverback X1 Original Grey Wash

Silverback X2 Original Grey Wash

Silverback X3 Original Grey Wash

Silverback X4 Original Grey Wash

Silverback Black

Silverback White

Silverback Clear

Silverback Original Grey Wash Set

Silverback Fresh

Silverback Mold

SilverBack Dark Greywash

Kuro Sumi Black Outlining

Kuro Sumi Graywash

Kuro Sumi Soft Graywash

Kuro Sumi Bronze Shading set

Kuro Sumi Cherry Shading set

Kuro Sumi Shading Ink set

Talens Drawing Ink

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