FK Irons Exactor III Black CL

FK Irons Exactor III Gunmetal SS

FK Irons Exactor III Seafoam PL

FK Irons Exactor III Urban Camo CP

FK Irons Galaxie III Black CL

FK Irons Galaxie III Bubblegum SS

FK Irons Galaxie III Seafoam PL

FK Irons Roswell Gunmetal CL

FK Irons Roswell Black SS

FK Irons AL13 Proton Ruby

FK Irons AL13 Pyro X Mirrored

FK Irons AL13 Pyro X Ruby

FK Irons AL13 Pyro X Bubblegum

FK Irons Pyro Steel

FK Irons AL13 Zen Bubblegum

FK Irons AL13 Zen Ruby

FK Irons Eikon RCA Adaptor

FK Irons Rebuild Kit with 1.5 Coil System- Shader

FK Irons Front Spring

FK Irons Back Spring

FK Irons Binding Set- Aluminum

FK Irons 1.5 Coil System

FK Irons 1 Twin Coil System

FK Irons Capacitor

FK Irons Copper Contact Screw

FK Irons Soft Bar

FK Irons Zap Bar

Darklab Straight RCA Cord

Darklab 90 Degree RCA Cord

Darklab High Tension Clipcord

FK Irons Delta Footswitch Black

FK Irons Delta Footswitch Bubblegum

FK Irons Delta Footswitch Gun Metal

FK Irons Delta Footswitch Ruby

FK Irons Delta Footswitch Seafoam

FK Irons Delta Footswitch Tangerine

FK Irons Delta Footswitch Liquid Lava

FKI Adapter Jack for Cheyenne

FK Irons Pro Team T-Shirt

FK Irons Koozie

FK Irons Embroided Iron-On Patch

Spectra Direkt 2 - Black

Spectra Direkt 2 - Gunmetal

Spectra Direkt 2 - Kryptonite

Spectra Direkt 2 - Seafoam

Spectra Direkt 2 - Urban Camo

Spectra Halo 2 Crossover - Black

Spectra Halo 2 Crossover - Bubblegum

Spectra Halo 2 Crossover - Kryptonite

Spectra Halo 2 Crossover - Tangerine

Spectra Halo 2 Crossover - Urban Camo

Spectra Edge X - Black

Spectra Edge X - Urban Camo

Spectra Edge X - Bubblegum

Spectra Edge X - Electric Violet

Spectra Edge X - Gunmetal

Spectra Edge X - Kryptonite

Spectra Edge X - Ruby

Spectra Edge X - Seafoam

Spectra Edge X - Tangerine

Spectra Edge - Black

Spectra Edge - Bubblegum

Spectra Edge - Gunmetal

Spectra Edge - Kryptonite

Spectra Edge - Ruby

Spectra Edge - Seafoam

Spectra Edge - Tangerine

Spectra Xion - Stealth

Spectra Xion - Bubblegum

Spectra Xion - Ruby

Spectra Xion - Tangerine

Spectra Xion - Seafoam

Spectra Xion - Kryptonite

Spectra Halo CB 3.2 - Pink

Spectra Halo CB 3.2 - Gold

Spectra Halo CB 3.2 - Ruby

Spectra Halo Machine Body Black

Spectra Halo Machine Body Tangerine

Spectra Halo Machine Body Lime

Spectra Halo Machine Body Deep Blue

Spectra Halo Machine Body Bubblegum

Spectra Halo Machine Body Graphite

Spectra Halo Machine Body UltraViolet

Spectra Motorbolt with 2.5mm stroke wheel

Spectra Motorbolt with 3.2mm stroke wheel

Spectra Motorbolt with 3.6mm stroke wheel

Spectra Motorbolt with 4.0mm stroke wheel

Spectra Hex Drive Motorbolt

Spectra Edge Drive Pins

Spectra Eikon RCA Cord

Spectra SuperLube Grease Tube

Spectra O-Ring for Motor

Spectra Tensioner Bands Black

Spectra Stroke Wheel- 2.5mm

Spectra Stroke Wheel- 3.2mm

Spectra Stroke Wheel- 3.6mm

Spectra Stroke Wheel- 4mm

Spectra Vice Kit with Guillotine and Kob

Spectra Click Ergo - Black

Spectra Click Ergo - Bubblegum

Spectra Click Ergo - Deep Blue

Spectra Click Ergo - Gunmetal

Spectra Click Ergo - Kryptonite

Spectra Click Ergo - Ruby

Spectra Click Ergo - Seafoam

Spectra Click Ergo - Tangerine

Spectra Click Ergo - Urban Camo

Spectra RPG Click 25mm - Liquid Lava

Sunskin Stilo Tattoo Pen - Satin Gray SP

Sunskin Stilo Tattoo Pen - Pearly Pink SP

Sunskin Small V Evo. Pro Fine Liner

Sunskin Small V Evo. Pro Liner

Sunskin Small V Evo. Pro Shader

Sunskin Percy Waters Iron Traditional Setting

Sunskin Small V Iron Traditional Setting

Sunskin Small V Evolution Handled

Sunskin Small V Evolution Polished

Sunskin Small V Evolution Old Black

Sunskin Small V Evolution Plain

Sunskin Small V Evolution Iron

Sunskin Small V Evolution Bronze

Sunskin Big V Evolution Handled

Sunskin Big V Evolution Polished

Sunskin Big V Evolution Old Black

Sunskin Big V Evolution Plain

Sunskin Big V Evolution Iron

Sunskin Big V Evolution Bronze

Sunskin Lucky 7 Evolution Handled

Sunskin Lucky 7 Evolution Polished

Sunskin Lucky 7 Evolution Old Black

Sunskin Lucky 7 Evolution Plain

Sunskin J. Walker Evolution Handled

Sunskin J. Walker Evolution Polished

Sunskin J. Walker Evolution Old Black

Sunskin J. Walker Evolution Plain

Sunskin Sunskin Ready

Sunskin Back Spring

Sunskin Front Spring

Sunskin Small Front Spring

Sunskin Black Coils with Capacitor

Sunskin Copper Front Binding Post Evo.

Sunskin Copper Rear Binding Post Evo.

Sunskin Copper Rear Binding Post Lucky 7 Evo.

Sunskin Copper Front Binding Post Small V Evo.

Sunskin Copper Rear Binding Post Small V Evo.

Sunskin Contact Screw

Sunskin Skull Contact Screw

Sunskin Brass Dice Contact Screw

Sunskin Classic Closing Screw

Sunskin Brass Closing Screw

Sunskin Steel Closing Screw

Sunskin Evolution Closing Screw Brass

Sunskin Evolution Closing Screw Steel

Sunskin Armature Bar Liner

Sunskin Armature Bar Shader

Sunskin Bottom York

Sunskin Rubber O-Rings (10's)

Sunskin Silicone O-Rings (10's)

Sunskin Power Supply PS300

Sunskin Power Supply PS200

Sunskin Power Supply PS100

Sunskin Clipcord A138

Sunskin RCA Cord

Sunskin Plastic Footswitch

Sunskin Footswitch

Primus SH Black Brass

Primus SH Old Brass

Primus SH Hand Polished

Primus SH Aluminium Red

Primus One Black Brass

Primus One Old Brass

Primus One Hand Polished

Primus One Aluminium Chrome

Primus One Aluminium Black

Primus One Aluminium Red

Primus One Aluminium Violet

Primus Solid Black Brass

Primus Solid Aluminium Black

Primus Easy

Stigma Ray - Black

Stigma Ray - Copper

Stigma Ray - Gold

Stigma Ray - N.Green

Stigma Ray - Red

Stigma Ray - Titanium

Stigma Soldier - Black

Stigma Soldier - Copper

Stigma Soldier - Gold

Stigma Soldier - Nuclear Green

Stigma Neuro - Titanium

Stigma Neuro - Red

Stigma JET - Red

Stigma JET - Grey

Stigma JET Power - Black

Stigma JET Power - Nuclear Green

Stigma JET Power - Gold

Stigma JET Power - Copper

Stigma Amen Black

Stigma Amen Red

Stigma Amen Nuclear Green

Stigma Amen Purple

Stigma Amen Orange

Stigma Prodigy V2 Black

Stigma Prodigy V2 Red

Stigma Prodigy V2 Nuclear Green

Stigma Prodigy V2 Grey

Stigma Prodigy V2 Gold

Stigma Prodigy V2 Copper

Stigma Beast Blue

Stigma Beast Nuclear Green

Stigma Beast Orange

Stigma Beast Pink

Stigma Beast Purple

Stigma Beast Red

Stigma Beast Silver

Stigma Beast V2 - Black

Stigma Beast V2 - Copper

Stigma Beast V2 - Grey

Stigma Hyper V3 - Black

Stigma Hyper V3 - Red

Stigma Power Drive 6W Motor

Stigma 4.5W V2 MotorPlug

Stigma R Hex Spinner

Stigma Motor Plug 10Watt

Stigma Short Stroke Excenter

Stigma Medium Stroke Excenter

Stigma Long Stroke Excenter

Stigma Adjustable Stroke Excenter

Stigma Clipcord Upgrade Kit

Stigma Bugpin Magnum LT

Stigma Magnum Long Taper

Stigma Magnum Medium Taper

Stigma Bugpin Round Liner LT

Stigma Bugpin Round Magnum LT

Stigma Round Magnum LT

Stigma Round Magnum MT

Stigma Bugpin Round Shader LT

Stigma Straight Round Liner LT

Stigma Alum. Click Grip Black/Black

Stigma Alum. Click Grip Black/Red

Stigma Universal Click Grip Black

Bishop Wand Liner 5.0mm

Bishop Wand Shader 3.5mm

Bishop Wand Packer 4.2mm

Bishop Fantom Black

Bishop Microangelo V2 Polished Black

Bishop Microangelo V2 Gun Metal Gray

Bishop Microangelo V2 Platinum Silver

Bishop Magi Black Edition

Bishop V6 Beatnik Purple

Bishop V6 Blood Red

Bishop V6 Emerald Green

Bishop V6 Gothik Pink

Bishop V6 Polished Black

Bishop V6 Gun Metal Grey

Bishop V6 Lamborghini Orange

Bishop V6 Matte Black

Bishop V6 Platinum Silver

Bishop Fantom V2 Grip Polished Black

Bishop Fantom V2 Grip Gunmetal Grey

Bishop Fantom V2 Grip Blood Red

Bishop Fantom V2 Grip Lamborghini Orange

Bishop Fantom Foam Grip Cover(25's)

Cheyenne Sol Terra Black

Cheyenne Sol Luna Black

Cheyenne Sol Nova Pen Black

Cheyenne Sol Nova Pen Gold

Cheyenne Sol Nova Pen Orange

Cheyenne Sol Nova Pen Purple

Cheyenne Sol Nova Pen Red

Cheyenne Sol Nova Pen Silver

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Black

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Purple

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Orange

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Silver

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Red

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Bronze

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Color Mix

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Black

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Purple

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Orange

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Silver

Cheyenne Hawk Thunder Red

Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Black

Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Orange

Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Red

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Grip Black 25mm

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Grip Purple 25mm

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Grip Orange 25mm

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Grip Silver 25mm

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Grip Red 25mm

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Grip Bronze 25mm

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Grip Black 21mm

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Grip Purple 21mm

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Grip Orange 21mm

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Grip Silver 21mm

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Grip Red 21mm

Cheyenne Hawk Pen Grip Bronze 21mm

Cheyenne 5 x 2 O-Ring Set HAWK PEN

Cheyenne Hawk Grip Black 21mm

Cheyenne Hawk Grip Purple 21mm

Cheyenne Hawk Grip Orange 21mm

Cheyenne Hawk Grip Silver 21mm

Cheyenne Hawk Grip Red 21mm

Cheyenne Hawk Grip Black 25mm

Cheyenne Hawk Grip Purple 25mm

Cheyenne Hawk Grip Orange 25mm

Cheyenne Hawk Grip Silver 25mm

Cheyenne Hawk Grip Red 25mm

Cheyenne awk FLEX Grip Black 21mm

Cheyenne awk FLEX Grip Black 25mm

Cheyenne PU1 Power Supply

Cheyenne PU2 Power Supply

Cheyenne PU4 Power Supply

Cheyenne Foot Switch

Cheyenne RCA Plug to Headphone 6,3 mm

Cheyenne Start-Up Facility

Cheyenne Adapter Cable 3,5 mm

Cheyenne Adapter Cable 3,5 mm to 6,3 mm

Dragonfly X2 - Crazy Lime

Dragonfly X2 - Deep Purple

Dragonfly X2 - Demonic Blue

Dragonfly X2 - Devilish Red

Dragonfly X2 - Evil Black

Dragonfly X2 - Seductive Pink

Stingray X2 - Evil Black

Stingray X2 - Cyanide Cyan

Stingray X2 - Blazing Gold

Stingray X2 - Slime Green

Dragonfly No. 03 - Cap

Dragonfly No. 05 - Clamp

Dragonfly No. 06 - Needlebar pin

Dragonfly No. 18 - Adjustment screw

Dragonfly No. 19 - Inner piston spring

Dragonfly No. 22 - Noise damper O-ring (2 pcs)

Dragonfly No. 23 - Connecting pin

Dragonfly No. 24 - Stay up spring

Dragonfly No. 25 - Circlip

Dragonfly No. 27 - Needlebar retainer

Dragonfly No. 28 - Retainer screw spring

Dragonfly No. 29 - Retainer spring

Dragonfly No. 30 - Needlebar retainer bearings (2

Dragonfly No. 31 - Needlebar retainer O-rings (2 p

Dragonfly No. 40 - Piston assembly

Dragonfly No. 41 - Excenter assembly

Dragonfly No. 42 - Motor assembly

Dragonfly No. 43 - Tube vice assembly

Dragonfly No. 44 - Needlebar retainer assembly

Dragonfly No. 45 - Retainer screw

Dragonfly No. 46 - Rca contact with Nut

Dragonfly No. 47 - Clipcord binding posts

Dragonfly No. 50 - Screw kit

Dragonfly No. 51 - Allen key kit

Dragonfly No. 55 - Circlip pliers

Dragonfly No. 56 - Oil

Dragonfly Spare part kit small

MicroStar Lizard

Microstar The Leap

Microstar Direkt Drive

Micky Sharpz (No.000) Original Iron T Dial Tattoo

Micky Sharpz (No.000B) Bronze T Dial Tattoo Machin

Micky Sharpz (No.000P) Powder Coated T Dial Tattoo

Micky Sharpz (No.000X) Original Iron Micro Dial Ta

Micky Sharpz (No.000XB) Bronze Micro Dial Tattoo M

Micky Sharpz (No.000XP) Powder Coated Micro Dial T

Micky Sharpz (No.001) Stainless Steel Hybrid Tatto

Micky Sharpz (No.002mk4) NEW MkIV Custom Telephone

Micky Sharpz (No.003mk4) NEW Mkiv Hornet Tattoo Ma

Micky Sharpz (No.004mk4) NEW Mkiv Line-O-Graph Tat

Micky Sharpz (No.005B) Paul Rogers Tattoo Machine

Micky Sharpz (No.005BB) Bronze Paul Rogers Tattoo

Micky Sharpz (No.006) Iron Contraption Tattoo Mach

Micky Sharpz (No.006M) Iron Contraption Tattoo Mac

Micky Sharpz (No.007) Iron Hybrid Tattoo Machine

Micky Sharpz (No.007B) Brass Hybrid Tattoo Machine

Micky Sharpz (031Y) Armature Bar Grommets

Micky Sharpz (031X) Needle Bar Grommets

Micky Sharpz (032X) Armature Bar Tool Kit

Micky Sharpz (068F) Large Front Springs (5/pack)

Micky Sharpz (068M) Medium Rear Springs (5/pack)

Micky Sharpz (068R) Large Rear Springs (5/pack)

Micky Sharpz (068X) Machine Springs with Small Fro

Micky Sharpz (068XT) Narrow Springs with Longer Sl

Micky Sharpz (069) Machine Coils (8 wrap)

Micky Sharpz (069C) Ready to use Capacitor

Micky Sharpz (069L) Standard Coils Long Wire (for

Micky Sharpz (070) Machine Coils (10 Wrap)

Micky Sharpz (070X) Paul Rogers Coils

Micky Sharpz (071) Front Binding Post and Silver C

Micky Sharpz (071L) Long Silver Contact Screw

Micky Sharpz (071S) Short Silver Contact Screw

Micky Sharpz (072) Rear Binding Post

Micky Sharpz (073) Armature Bar 38mm long

Micky Sharpz (073X) Armature Bar 41mm long

Micky Sharpz (073XB) Bottom Yoke - 4mm thick

Micky Sharpz (073Y) 'O' Rings (10 per packet)

Micky Sharpz (074L) Bottom Yolk - 3mm thick

Micky Sharpz (075) Bottom Yolk Quick Change Device

Micky Sharpz (076) Machine Screws, Washers and Bit

Micky Sharpz (077) Stainless Steel Wing Nut

Micky Sharpz (077DW) D Shape and Plastic Wing Nut

Micky Sharpz (077P) Plastic Wing Nut

Micky Sharpz (077XB) Brass Collar and Wing Nut

Micky Sharpz (077XS) Stainless Steel Collar and Wi

J & J Rotary (Red)

J & J Rotary (Purple)

LACEnano tattoo machine (BOX)

Diau-An (L017) Liner

Diau-An (L018) Liner

Diau-An (L019) Liner

Diau-An (L007) Liner

Diau-An (L008) Liner

Diau-An (L009) Liner

Diau-An (S017) Shader

Diau-An (S018) Shader

Diau-An (S019) Shader

Diau-An (S007) Shader

Diau-An (S008) Shader

Diau-An (S009) Shader

Diau-An Back Spring A (Soft)

Diau-An Back Spring B (Medium)

Diau-An Back Spring C (Hard)

Diau-An Front Spring D (Shading)

Diau-An Front Spring E (Lining)

Diau-An Front Spring G (Shading)

Diau-An Front Spring H (Lining)

Diau-An O-Rings (10's)

Tattoo Kit Case (Empty)

Tattoo Kit Case (40X29X14cm)

Production Tattoo Kit TK001

Production Tattoo Kit TK002

Production Tattoo Kit TK003

Production Tattoo Kit TK004

Production Tattoo Kit TK005

Production Tattoo Kit TK006

Production Machine PM004

Production Machine PM009

Production Machine PM202

Production Machine PM204

Production Machine PM401

Production Machine PM402

Production Machine PM403

Production Machine PM501

Production Machine PM502

Production Machine PM503

Production Machine PM504

Hand Made Machine HM003

Hand Made Machine HM005

Tattoo Machine HM010-B

Tattoo Machine HM011-B

Tattoo Machine HM011-P

Tattoo Machine HM012

Tattoo Machine HM014

Tattoo Machine HM015

Tattoo Machine HM016

Tattoo Machine HM017

Tattoo Machine HM045

Tattoo Machine HM046

Tattoo Machine HM047

Tattoo Machine HM048

Tattoo Machine HM049

Tattoo Machine HM050

Tattoo Machine HM051

Tattoo Machine HM052

Tattoo Machine HM053

Tattoo Machine HM054

Tattoo Machine HM055

Tattoo Machine HM056

Tattoo Machine HM057

Tattoo Machine HM058

Tattoo Machine HM059

Tattoo Machine HM060

Tattoo Machine HM061

Tattoo Machine HM062

Miniature Tattoo Machine Pendant

Machine Box (Metal)

Machine Box (Wood)

Machine Box (Stripped)

Machine Box (Plastic)

O-Rings (20's per pack)

Armature Bar

Armature Bar Alignment Tool

Armature Bar Alignment Block

Front & Back Spring Set

Front Spring Plate

Back Spring Plate

Brass Contact Screw A

Brass Contact Screw B

Round Grip with Wing Nut

Wing Nut

Resolution Coils

Front Binding Post A

Front Binding Post B

Rear Binding Post

Hex Key set

Tattoo Machine Light

Stigma Beast V2 - Black

2StgBe2-Bk (Body on;y) - MYR 1248
(c/w 4.5 V2 Motor) - MYR 1824
(c/w Power Drive 6W Motor) - MYR 1896
(c/w 10W Motor) - MYR 1939
(c/w 5W EC Brushless Motor) - MYR 2155


The Beast V2 is the successor to The Beast. The Beast V2 is a hybrid machine accommodating both standard needles and Stigma cartridges. Please note that a wide range of brand new Stigma cartridges with over 70 configurations will be available August 2016! Stigma cartridges are unique and completely different to any other cartridge on the market. For reference, the Beast V2 Body is also pictured here with the 6W MotorPlug and the Stigma Aluminium Click Grip in black / red. Additionally it is also pictured with a standard needle and tube, to show how it can work with both, being hybrid. The Beast V2 is a solid hitting machine with no give. This machine is for artists who like a solid hit yet also want to be able to change motors and stroke excenters. Key Features •Works with standard needles and Stigmas new Advanced, dual sealed Cartridge System •Detachable motor •Choose between 4.5 Watt, 5 Watt Brushless, 6 Watt or 10 Watt MotorPlugs •Choose between Stroke Excenters •Solid hit •Easy set up Why do I need a choice of MotorPlugs for my machine? Artists tend to prefer stronger motors for lining and weaker motors for shading. Stronger motors with a lot of Watts and torque don’t bog down easily and are therefore better for lining and tough work. Weaker motors bog down easily, are not so aggressive and deliver better results when shading. What can you tell me about the 4.5W V2 MotorPlug? The 4.5W V2 MotorPlug has more than enough power to run Stigma-Rotary® machines. It is one of the strongest motors you can find on rotaries; it will effortlessly push configurations of up to 50 needles. Advantages of the 4.5W V2 MotorPlug: it is lighter and smaller than the 10 Watt MotorPlug; it weighs only 44 grams. It has both clipcord and RCA connections. It is good for everything; shading, blending, layering, colour packing and lining. And how about the 6W MotorPlug? The 6W PowerDrive is the most powerful motor at its size, it is nice and compact with RCA connection only; it weighs only 38 grams. It is good for everything; shading, blending, layering, colour packing and lining. There is an RCA to Clipcord Converter available if you wish to use a clip cord connection on the 6W MotorPlug. So why buy the 10W MotorPlug with twice the power? The 10W MotorPlug has a different feeling and performance; it has much more torque so it doesn’t stall out (bog down), so the speed of the machine stays constant. Even on lower volts, no matter how much resistance, the needles can still penetrate the skin. The 10W MotorPlug can drive any needle or needle cartridge with ease, so you don’t need to remove the stay up spring from the machine or increase the volts to get it started. It can run for 24 hours and still stay cool! And because it is so powerful, it does the job even more effortlessly and will last for longer. The 10W MotorPlug has both RCA and clipcord connections. Advantages of the 10W MotorPlug: it is stronger with more torque, it lines effortlessly even with the largest needle groupings. It packs colour like no other. And how about the 5W EC MotorPlug? The 5W EC MotorPlug uses brushless technology. Standard motors use brushes to operate, which over time will collect dirt and dust which will affect the performance of the motor. Power may be affected and fluctuations may start to occur. The new 5W EC MotorPlug will last 10 times the life span of a standard motor and will always perform with the same consistency as it did on the first day you used it!

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