Microangelo V2 – Matte Black


The beauty of the MICROANGELO is its versatility?

It’s not just a beautiful machine to look at.

If you look beneath the sleek surface?

You’ll find its genius.

Sheer versatile genius.

The MICROANGELO has the World’s First Interchangeable 3.5 and 4.2 Magnetic Cam.

Its patent-pending MAGNETIC QUICK CHANGE CAM system lets you switch your cams from 3.5 to 4.2 quickly, with no tools.

It’s a direct drive machine that works flawlessly with both traditional needles and cartridges.

(Plus, it comes with plunger bars for all grips, including Cheyenne & FK.)

It uses a high-end small but powerful custom Swiss Maxon motor with dual ball bearings.

So you won’t just love the way it looks?

You’ll love the way it works.

The only easy part about making the MICROANGELO was naming it.

We needed a name to capture all the beauty and versatile genius in such a sleek small machine?

We needed some inspiration?

And then, a divine image hit Bishop?s founder, Franco Vescovi.

What did he see in his mind?

The Sistine Chapel.

Its creator, Michelangelo, was a versatile genius. He was a sculptor, painter, architect, and poet. And he created some of the most beautiful works in history.

It became quickly obvious what our beautifully versatile micro machine was meant to be called?


Create your next tattoo masterpiece with it.

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Microangelo Tattoo Machine

All machines come with a One Year Limited Warranty, a case, and RCA cord. The One Year Warranty is voided if you:

  • Lube your machine.
  • Drop your machine (on the floor or in liquid).
  • Tamper with the motor.
  • Replace parts on your own.
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Additional information

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