Starbrite Lime Green – 1oz


Lime is a neon green that is nice for adding highlights and blending out soft warm tones. This is a good color for mixing as a base and as a toner. It has a translucent and saturates with ease into the skin. Like all Starbrite inks lime blends very well with other colors and heals very bright. This color works very well on the tips of leaves and other highlighted areas off of other greens, especially grassy and true. Use this green with Baby Blue for highlights that will make the tattoo shine and glow. For best results run machine a little slower than thicker colors. Lime is another one of our top sellers and has been proven by the artists for the artists!!!

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Starbrite Inks | Product Description

This Starbrite color was mixed by James Mullin, one of our Starbrite pro-team artist. “I came up with the undertone series because I wanted some colors that matched my illustrative style of art that I love to do. Starbrite already has vibrant colors but I wanted to use some more muted, and darker tones to contrast the brite tones. So I mixed up ten new colors to do just that, I'm really happy with the outcome and I hope you are too. If you love doing bright and colorful tattoos, you'll definitely want to add the undertone series to your arsenal!!

  • Have your tattoo artist run a patch test at least 24 hours before getting tattooed.
  • The patch test consists of having the ink that will be used during the tattoo put on a patch of bare skin close to where the tattoo is going to be.
  • If you experience any sort of reaction to the ink such as redness, inflammation and swelling it would be a good idea to choose an alternative type of ink.
  • Have your artist tattoo a small dot with the color where the tattoo will be done and monitor your skin for an allergic reaction for 24 hours before getting your tattoo.
  • Any redness, irritation or swelling could mean that you have an allergy to the tattoo ink.
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