Stigma Clipcord Upgrade Kit for 4.5W Motorplug


The Stigma-Rotary® Clipcord Upgrade Kit enables you to connect a clipcord to the 4.5W MotorPlug. The 4.5W MotorPlug already comes with RCA connection as standard.

DISCLAIMER: Installing the Clipcord Upgrade Kit is not difficult, however time and care must be taken. Please be sure to read the instructions in full prior to attempting to install the Clipcord Upgrade Kit to the 4.5W MotorPlug. Also, please be very careful and pay close attention when assembling the Clipcord Upgrade Kit as if any damage is caused to the MotorPlug, this would be the liability of yourselves and not of Stigma-Rotary® nor the seller.

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Additional information

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