Stigma 4.5W Motorplug


The 4.5W version 2 MotorPlug carries a Swiss Made Maxon motor and comes complete with both RCA and clipcord connections. It weighs just 44 grams.

With the Stigma-Rotary? EasyPlug system, the Motorplug can be attached or removed in a matter of seconds. You can even rotate the motor to find the perfect angle for your RCA / clipcord contacts. It can also be bagged to avoid cross contamination.

The same MotorPlug can power all your Stigma? bodies, or you can use the same machine body and attach any combination of different powered MotorPlugs with different stroke length excenters. To power the AMEN machine you would need to use the Hex Spinner that came with your AMEN machine, instead of the stroke excenter.

The Motorplugs always come with a medium stroke excenter pre-installed. Additional excenters are also available:

Short: 2.6 mm
Long: 4.4mm
Adjustable stroke excenter from 2.5mm to 6mm.
If you are using a Stigma? machine that uses the hex drive system, you will need to attach the hex spinner to your MotorPlug in place of the excenter.

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Additional information

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